Cementitious waterproofing



Cementitious waterproofing comprises various categories, especially for Swimmingpool waterproofing and bathroom waterproofing.

Our range of cementitious waterproofing products include:

  • – A cement tanking system, applied as a waterproofing slurry which acts as a highly effective damp proof membrane for brickwork, concrete or any cementitious substrate.
  • – A flexible waterproof coating for use where vibration or cracking is anticipated.
  • – An ‘active’ formulation that migrates into the concrete to form a waterproof barrier but still allows the concrete to breathe.

Typical applications for these systems include the internal and external waterproofing of concrete, sound brickwork, cement based elements of water retaining and water resisting structures. These can include basements, retaining walls, lift pits, swimming pools, construction joints, underpinning joints, balcony decks, bund linings and terraces, etc.

Our active formulation provides protection against seawater, aggressive ground water and certain chemical solutions.

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